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October 2007   Volume 28, No. 10

Dean Lambdin, Pastor


Camp Quaker Heights

Kitchen Expansion

            During Iowa Yearly Meeting Sessions in August, the Camp Quaker Heights Board Clerk presented a kitchen expansion plan to the representatives, and the building project will move forward for this construction.  This will allow the extra refrigerators and freezers to be moved out of the main lodge area and into the back of the kitchen.  Please designate any gifts for this and give to our treasurer, Scott Davis or mail to the IAYM Office.  Projected cost is $15,000.



Art & Compassion Soup Lunch

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Fisher Community Center Auditorium

Marshalltown, Iowa

Cost:  $10 per person


The House of Compassion and the Marshall County Arts & Culture Alliance

will jointly host this soup lunch. As you enter the room you will choose the ceramic bowl of your liking, have it filled with delicious soup then sit and enjoy.  You’ll leave with your bowl knowing you have supported two worthy causes.



Honey Creek Homecoming

            Everyone is invited to attend the annual Honey Creek Homecoming at the Meeting House located south of New Providence on Sunday, October 14, 2007.  Worship will be held from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM with potluck after.  Lloyd McDonald will be guest speaker.



Cool Water

            In our lives we are surrounded by many things we don’t even realize we would miss, that is until they are gone.  Have you ever thought about the things we take for granted on an almost daily basis?  Walk with me through the start of a day and see if you can see a little more clearly what I mean.

The day starts to the beeping of an alarm clock that we place our faith in on a daily basis to stir us from our night’s slumber.  Of course, most now even have battery back-ups so that in the event of an electrical failure due to a storm, it will still keep correct time allowing it to still do its job and wake us.  Next we move to the bathroom where we take care of business and quickly are able to dispose of said business with the push of a lever.  Then for those of us who shower in the morning, we hop into a nice hot shower to clean us up as well as help wake us up.

After we are fresh and clean, we get dressed in our nice clean clothes and head down stairs, but on the way to the kitchen we pass the programmable thermostat which we notice now needs to be switched over to heat from cool since Autumn is now upon us; with this change, we shouldn’t have to touch it again until Spring.  As we reach the kitchen the smell of fresh coffee from our programmable coffee maker soothes our senses as grab a clean cup from the dishwasher that ran overnight and then we pour ourselves a fresh cup of Joe.  We head over to the refrigerator as we pray there is still some left and as we open the door we see it, a piece of heaven in the form of the last piece of pecan pie, the breakfast of champions.  After our healthy breakfast we head out the door to our vehicle, start it up and head off to work.

Did you see them?  Did you see how many things we take for granted just in the time between waking up and heading off to work?  Let me list them for you: the alarm clock, our electricity, the toilet, water, the hot water heater, soap, our plumbing overall, clean clothes, comfortable temperatures, appliances that work, coffee, food, and our vehicles.  This is just to name a few things, what about the fact that we woke up at all?                

This past week I was reminded of how much hot water means to us when I replaced our hot water heater.  It’s surprising how much of your life is affected by that one item.  We don’t even think about not having hot water in our homes today; that is until for some reason it’s gone.  Notice in our walk through the start of a day nowhere was there mentioned a time of prayer or a time of sitting down to read our Bibles.  For how many of us is that true, not just for the morning, but also for the entire day?  Do we take God for granted?  In knowing that He will not leave us nor forsake us (Deut. 31:6 & Heb. 13:5), have we in turn taken Him for granted? 

Just as much as we would notice not having hot water one day, we should also notice the difference one day without communion with our Lord makes.  Psalm 36:9 says it this way: “For with You is the fountain of life, in Your light we see light.”  What a difference a day outside of that light and without that life would make.  It would be dark and dead, giving a sense of sadness and hopelessness, but “Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised” (Psalm 145:3) because He will lift us out of the deepest darkest pit into His loving arms and refresh and revive us with that “Cool Water” that living water.   




Emergency Food Box needs YOUR Help!

           With your help the Emergency Food Box program in Marshalltown is able to provide emergency food supplies to those persons in need who are referred for assistance.  Recent usage has been extremely high.

           Dry cereals and canned fruits are the items that we need the most.  We also need canned tomatoes, corn, pork and beans, creamed soups, chicken noodle soup, and macaroni & cheese.  These items are not currently available from the Food Bank in Des Moines.

            If you prefer to write a check, make it payable to Emergency Food Box and put it in the offering plate or mail to EFB, PO Box 391, Marshalltown, IA 50158.  Funds are used to buy needed items locally and to pay handling charges for items we are able to get from the Food Bank of Iowa in Des Moines and for vouchers for clients to obtain milk and bread.

           Thank you for supporting this ministry.  We can’t do it without you!



Impact 2007 - High School Growth-Oriented Youth Retreat, October 27-28, Middle River Friends Church, 10:30 AM, Saturday thru lunch on Sunday.  Worship with Middle River Friends.  $50 per person.  Registration forms coming soon. 




On Thursday, September 27th, 19 provided a meal of turkey sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, green beans and bacon, mixed fruit, chocolate drop candy, frosted grahams, tapioca pudding, milk and coffee for 68 guests. Thanks to: Bob and Veronica, James and Sharon, Royal and Paula and Robin Wendt who provided food or funds; Fern and Wayne, Diane, Betty, Deb, Vi, John and Gladys, Joe, Kay and Daniel who prepared, served and cleaned up the meal.  Many clients are in need of beds.  Call Jean at 641-752-5999 if you have a bed of any size to pass on.



All-Church Bowling Party, Sunday, October 28th, 6-8 PM at Totem Bowl in Marshalltown .  Everyone is welcome.  We’ll be meeting at Zeno’s for pizza at 4:30 - Dutch treat.



“We can only be significant as we are progressing in becoming like the image of Jesus Christ.  God is more concerned with our Christ-likeness than our comfort.”

 -Crawford Loritts


“Christianity is linking our finite lives with the infinite God, the source of true spiritual power.”           -Bill Bright


Rejoice in the Lord always…. and the peace of God…. shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”     Philippians 4:4-7



Monday Night Bible Study

            As we continue to delve into the fruit of the Spirit, we’ll be looking at the fruit of joy.  The Holy Spirit brings joy to every Christian.  He fills our hearts with praise and thankfulness to God.  As you look back over the past weeks, how joyful have you been?  How can you experience this refreshing fruit of the Spirit more fully?  Start by reading John 15 & 16 or come join the discussion in the fellowship hall each Mondays at 7:00.



Children’s Church

Children age 4 through 4th grade are welcome to participate in Children’s Church on October 14th and 28th.  We’ll be preparing and serving a meal to the ‘Silver Belles’, widows in our church and community, and talking about appreciating our Pastor.



Liberty USFW

            The ladies of Liberty USFW will gather at the church for a salad potluck and work night on Wednesday, October 10th beginning at 6:30 PM.  Ladies are reminded to bring scissors, Campbell soup label bar codes, Box Tops for Education, and used postage stamps.



Cuba Mission Presentation

            All ladies are welcome to join the Bangor USFW on Tuesday, October 16, 1:30 p.m. at the church to hear Linda Garrison share about her experiences in Cuba.  Refreshments will follow Linda’s presentation.



HOC Supply Closet Needs

            October is our month to help fill the shelves at the House of Compassion Supply Closet.  As you shop remember the letter D.  Let’s help stock the closet with, Detergent, Dish Soap, and Drugs (children & adults cold meds, fever reducers, allergy meds, etc.)  You can also donate Dollars and allow someone else to shop for you.  In August over 500 families and individuals came to the window to pick 3 items for their basic needs.  Please be generous as you remember those who struggle daily.  The box will be available all month.



2nd Annual

IAYM All Board Retreat

October 19-20, 2007 at CQH

Friday:  Supper and evening service

Saturday: Breakfast & group devotions

Individual board meetings - Lunch

Board on Coordination will meet after lunch.  Information and registration forms will be available soon.  For information, contact Steve Santee @515-795-2978.



Missions News

            Our annual Thank Offering Service will be held on Sunday, November 18th at 10:30 AM with a potluck meal afterwards.  The following missions and individuals were approved to receive the thank offering:  $250 each to Victor White and Kevin Mortimer who will be Iowa Yearly Meeting Representatives to the Pastors’ Conference in Kenya in December, 2007.  The remainder of the offering will be divided evenly for nurses salaries at the Kaimosi Friends Hospital, for hurricane clean up in Jamaica for the girls and boys schools, for Quakerdale, and for BLFC camp scholarships.  This was approved at Monthly Meeting on October 3rd.  The Missions Committee asks each one to prayerfully consider how blessed we are and what we can share with these mission areas or with others that you may choose to support.



Just Give Me Jesus

A Life-Changing Revival for Women

April 18-19, 2008

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Dr. Billy Graham, has accepted the invitation of many pastors and ministry leaders across the Greater Des Moines area to come to Des Moines, April 18-19, 2008 to hold a revival event for women at Wells Fargo Arena called

 Just Give Me Jesus.

  This revival will be free for all women, but there are many costs involved in holding this event, plus many volunteers are needed before, during and after the revival.  A state-wide prayer rally will be held Saturday, October 13, 2007 at the Point of Grace Church in Waukee, Iowa, from 10-11:30 AM if you would like to be involved in that way.  Contact Pastor Dean or Diane at BLFC for further information.



Library Ledge: 

Back to Bible Basics

            As the routines of fall begin, it’s a good time to start a new Bible study.  The library has many guides for both individual and group study.  In The Ten Commandments, Stuart Brisco reaffirms the difference between making up our own rules as we go and following the sure way God has revealed to us.

            All the Parables of the Bible is a study and analysis of more than 250 parables in scripture.  There is a subject and scripture index for easy reference. 

            Have some family fun with Bible Football.  It’s a small pamphlet full of questions and answers about the Bible, from easy to difficult.  Check these and others out on the library ledge.



Library News

During October you’ll find a table in the entryway with used library books looking for a new home.  Feel free to take any that appeal to you and if you want, leave a small donation to help purchase something new for our library.  By the last of the month, you’ll find new books on display.  We thank the USFW groups and other generous individuals for these donations.



Community Fundraisers

            Dustin Shaver, an 8th Grader at BCLUW School has been diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer and has begun aggressive chemotherapy treatments.  Dustin is the great-nephew of Karen Bachman of Bangor Liberty.

Several events have been scheduled to raise financial support for Dustin’s family.  Let’s remember Dustin and his family during this very difficult time especially with our prayers and with financial support as you are able.

A garage sale will be held Fri, Oct 12th from 5-7 pm and on Sat, Oct 13th from 8 AM-Noon at Mediacom in Marshalltown.  Saturday, Oct. 20th will be “tip night” at the Conrad Pizza Ranch.  All tips and a percentage of sales will go for his fight against cancer. Saturday, October 27th at the BCLUW High School a community “Grill Out” will be held from 5-7:30 PM with a silent auction and raffle.