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June 2007   Volume 28, No. 6

Dean Lambdin, Pastor



Camp Experience 2007

            Mark your calendars for Friday, July 6 - Sunday, July 8 for Iowa Yearly Meeting’s “Camp Experience 2007”.  This camp is for all ages of Quaker Friends.  The presenter for this event will be “Mad Dogs and Englishmen.”  More information and costs will be published soon.  Look for it at your local IAYM Church!


Happy Father’s Day

To All Fathers

June 17!

Avalanche Ranch VBS

           An exciting week is underway at BLFC with VBS in progress!  Many children and volunteers are having a GREAT time learning more about God each evening.  A huge thank you goes out to ALL who have made this week possible! 




Iowa Yearly Meeting

Ministry Conference 2007

August 1-4

At Camp Quaker Heights


+Keynote Speaker

Alan Weinacht, former superintendent

of Indiana Yearly Meeting

+Workshops Include

-John Muhunji of Africa FUM, EFM

  Mesquakie Mission, Pictorial review General

  Board Meeting in Kenya and the FUM Work     

  Trip to Cuba, Community Involvement,

  And more!      Make plans to join us!

Brochures and registrations coming in June.

Contact the Church Office if you do not receive a brochure with registration form.



The Pastor’s Corner


Howdy Y’All!  I just thought I’d drop you a quick line this month from “Avalanche Ranch”, where we have been having some wild adventures learning about God’s Word and His love for us this year for VBS (Vacation Bible School).   WAA-HOO!                          There are fun things like Sing and Play Stampede where we get to sing songs praising God, see the adventures of Rowdy the “almost” Cowboy, review the previous day’s lessons and introduce today’s, as well as a time when we get to talk about how He has helped us grow each day!  There is our Wild Bible Adventures time where we get to not only see, but also EXPERIENCE a story right out of God’s Word each night!  There is Cowpoke Craft and Missions time where we get to use our heads and hands to make something to remind us of the lesson and of what God means to us and how we can serve Him with our hands! There is Horse Play Game time when we get to use our God-given energies to play games and participate in activities that help remind us of our night’s lesson and how fun God is!  There is Chadder’s Wild West Theater where we get to watch Chadder the Chipmunk’s daily adventures as he helps us, and his helpers help us learn more about God’s love for us each day.  There is Spotlight Drama time where we actually get to act out each day’s lesson and then share it later on with the whole ranch.  There is Chuck Wagon Chow, which is probably one of the favorites because not only is it the time we all get to eat and refuel with the energy we need for all the fun God has for us, it also is a time for one crew to serve.  Each day one of the Ranch Crews prepares a part of the meal and then at Chow time helps to serve everyone, helping to show how much fun it can be to serve others and God!  And then every day we end with Showtime Roundup, which is another time to sing praises and a time to review the day’s lesson and Bible verse.  Sounds like a lot?  It is a lot; A LOT OF FUN!

I am so happy to be a part of Avalanche Ranch this year!  There are so many great kids, and so many great helpers, I can’t thank them or God enough for how much of a blessing all of them have been and are to me!

Each day at Avalanche Ranch we have a different Bible Point: Day 1 – “God is Real”; Day 2 – “God is With Us”; Day 3 – “God is Strong”; Day 4 – “God is Awesome”; and, Day 5 – “God is in Charge”.  All of them are great reminders of the true nature and character of God.  I want to point out one thing though, without Day 1, there would be no need for the rest.  What do I mean?  What I mean is if God isn’t real, then nothing else would matter, He wouldn’t be able to be with us, He couldn’t be strong, He couldn’t nor wouldn’t be awesome, and He wouldn’t be in charge.  But I Thank God that He is Real! AMEN?  Amen!  And His Son is Real, and His Salvation is Real, and His Holy Spirit is Real, and His Promise of Heaven is Real!  And that folks is AWESOME!  WAA-HOO!     




Thank You

Dear Bangor Liberty Friends,

            I certainly feel the love you send with your generous gift.  Orphans and widows in Kenya can hardly believe that someone can care so much for them to help them have better lives.  When I visit it is moving to hear them sing praises to God for the help of “Friends Bringing Hope.”  It is gifts that help to make a difference.  You are making a big difference to those in great need. Please continue to pray for the work of “Friends Bringing Hope.”

                        Blessings, Karen Bauer


Dear Friends,

We wish to express our appreciation for your recent generous gift of $500 to the Camp Scholarship Fund.  We are grateful you share our feeling that the Christian camping experience is one of the most important opportunities we can offer our young people.  May God richly bless you for your concern for those we serve.    Gratefully, Dave Holm, Director of Spiritual Life, Quakerdale



Kids Summer Sunday School

            In order to give the kids’ Sunday School Teachers some time off during the summer months, the Christian Ed.  Committee is asking adults to volunteer to teach a combined group of classes, preschool thru Jr. High.  A sign up sheet is available in the entryway with the Sundays listed and you will be given the material a couple of weeks in advance.  Thanks for volunteering!



Give God What’s Right

 1. Give God what’s right -- not what’s left.

 2. Man’s way leads to a hopeless end!--God’s way leads to an endless hope.

 3. A lot of kneeling will keep you in good standing.

 4. He who kneels before God can stand before anyone.

 5. In the sentence of life, the devil may be a comma--but never let him be the period.

 6. Don’t put a question mark where God puts a period.

 7. Are you wrinkled with burden? Come to the church for a face-lift.

 8. When praying, don’t give God instructions just report for duty.

 9. Don’t wait for six strong men to take you to church.

10. We don’t change God’s message -- His message changes us.

11. The church is prayer-conditioned.

12. When God ordains, He sustains.

13. WARNING: Exposure to the Son may prevent burning.

14. Plan ahead -- It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

15. Most people want to serve God, but only in an advisory position.




What’s Going On


Children’s Church

            Children’s Church will be taking a break for the summer months of June and July.  A meeting time in August will be announced.


Liberty USFW

           On June 13th ladies of Liberty USFW will meet for lunch at Helen Settle’s home in Marshalltown at noon.  This will be the last meeting for the summer months.



            June 19th the Bangor USFW will be enjoying a day at the Reiman Gardens located south of Jack Trice Stadium in Ames.  All ladies are welcome to join them there at 10:30.  (See Margaret to carpool.)  Admission is $6 for seniors (65 & up), $7 for those 18-64.  Lunch will be available to purchase at the café.

Reiman Gardens features 11 distinct gardens, indoor conservatory, 2,500 square-foot indoor butterfly wing, butterfly emergence cases, gift shop, Hazel’s Kitchen and five supporting greenhouses.  Bring your cameras!


Work Schedule Changes

            Pastor Dean has made a change in his work schedule.  He will now have office hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 9:00 am until noon.  Afternoons are reserved for visitation, meetings, and appointments.

His days off are now Monday and Friday.  Please make note of these changes.



Please Note These

Calendar Changes!

July Monthly Meeting - June 27

August Monthly Meeting - July 25


Summer Camp

            Fourteen youth from Bangor Liberty are participating in summer camps at Quaker Heights in June and July.  Please remember in prayer all the youth from around the state who are attending Camp this summer, and especially the Garrison Family and the camp staff and volunteers.


Friends Camps at Quaker Heights

-Little Fry Camp - Grades K-2, June 1-3

-Fry Camp - Grades 3-4, June 8-10

-Fox Camp, Grades 5-6, June 29-July 1

-Jr.High Weekend, Grades 7-8, June 15-17

-Jr. High Camp, Grades 7-8, June 17-22

-H.S. Weekender, Grades 9-12, June 22-24

-H.S. Camp, Grades 9-12, June 24-29

-College Bash, Grades 9-12, July 13-15


Missions News

It has been approved that Iowa Yearly Meeting take over the management and operation of the Mesquakie Friends Center near Tama.   The land and buildings are to be signed over to Iowa Yearly Meeting along with some partially restricted funds to continue the operation that was begun    20 years ago with God preparing a family from the Kickapoo Friends Center in McCloud, OK to move here and begin this work.  Victor and Brenda White along with their two children moved to Toledo and stepped out in faith to follow God’s leading, and now the mission consists of land that has a house, garage, classroom facility, shelter house, and a multi-purpose worship building.  They have a youth ministry on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning worship for adults and children.  Victor and Brenda are continually reaching out to minister and counsel on the Settlement owned by the Mesquakie people.  There will be a committee working with Victor and Brenda to develop a budget, accounting, financial fund raising, work team coordination, newsletter publications, and shared ministry with the present volunteer workers and staff.  This committee will help in the development of the vision of ministry for the Mesquakie people and carry this vision to the rest of our churches and members. Pray for Victor and Brenda as they adjust to these developments and that God will quicken their hearts and for the entire Yearly Meeting to embrace this new work as an exciting time to serve God and to see what He can do. 

Karen Bauer is currently in Kenya working with the “Friends Bring Hope” project and she reports what is being done there.  (We supported this project last fall at our annual Thank Offering in November).  They are improving the pasture conditions for better milk production and also a new feeding procedure that has doubled the milk output on a daily basis.  “Friends Bring Hope” has provided funding for two additional orphaned children to continue to receive secondary education.  She is also working with a widows group working on projects to sell at Yearly Meeting.  They are hoping and planning to build two homes for widows.  She closes with asking for prayer for continued success and travel.  (See the entire letter on the bulletin board in entryway at the church.) 

Patrick Nugent and Mary Kay Rehard will be ending their 4 ½ years at the Friends Theological College in August.  They have made many improvements at the college in the time they have been there.  We pray for their future, whatever God has in store for them.  Ben and Jody Richmond from Indiana will be going for an intern year until    permanent leadership is found.  Pray that God will raise up someone to continue with the work at the FTC.  (See brochure on bulletin board in entryway.)

BL Missions Committee


With Sympathy

            We all feel like we’ve lost a grandmother or mother with the death of Adeline Clarke on May 16th. Adeline was a member of the Conrad Methodist Church and had attended BLFC for several years with her daughters, Jo Macy and Mary Davis, and their families.  Services were held at the Conrad Methodist Church on Saturday, May 19th with Pastors Sung Park and Dean Lambdin officiating.  We are grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know Adeline, and to worship and fellowship with her.  She was a wonderful Christian example to us all!


Library Ledge:   

Building Men of God

            During June the church library will display items especially geared toward men.  Victory, the life story of AC Green, includes 52 principles for living like a champion.  Fire Up Your Life is a road map to life at its best.  This audiotape, read by author Ken Davis, shares his humor and story telling abilities.  Raising a Modern Day Knight and Becoming a Man of Honor will encourage fathers to help sons become strong in their Christian walk.  Seven Promises of A Promise Keeper are four 90-minute audiocassettes that hold the keys to unlocking the power and potential of men.  Check out these and other materials of growth and challenge on the library ledge.


HOC Report

In May we provided a biscuit pizza casserole, lettuce and cabbage salad, mixed fruit cup, pudding and whipped topping, Hy-Vee cake, milk and coffee for 60 guests. There were also individual treat bags made by the kids at Children's Church. We received several compliments and words of appreciation.  Thanks to all of our volunteers and those who gave funds! The count has been in the 80's and even up to 100 in the past few weeks.  Jean, HOC Director, contributes the increase to high gas prices and the fact that the electric company is demanding payment now that winter is past.  We fed several families with children.  Our next responsibility will be June 28.  Let Margaret know how you'd like to help.