The Bangor Liberty Bell

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Bangor Liberty Friends Church


June 2006   Volume 27, No. 6

Dean Lambdin, Pastor



Summer Days


            Well, it’s that time of year again.  The kids are out of school, the mercury is filling more of the thermometer, and the days are longer.  It’s a time for graduations, weddings, and vacations.  Let’s not forget Vacation Bible School, summer camps, and sports. All of these things happening all at the same time of year and you might think schedules might get a little hectic.  Throw in a birthday here, an anniversary there, the occasional summer cookout just because and you start to look forward to the crazy “lazy” days of summer being over.

            The problem isn’t the amount of time in the day – it’s the amount of time we try to squeeze out of each day.  Twenty-four hours is the perfect amount of time for each day, after all God was the one who decided that for us.  It really is a matter of our ability to better prioritize the things of life to make the most of our days.  The first suggestion God has for us is to seek Him first (Matthew 6:33) and then our lives will begin to take on the proper perspective.

As we make room for Him, He will help us to shuffle around things into their proper order of importance and purge anything that is unnecessary or burdensome.  The key is we must commit to allowing Him to be in control.  As Jesus said, “Not My will, but Thine be done.”  Of course it sounds good in theory, but it may not be too easy to actually implement practically.  It will take time and patience, not to mention a few of what we call “redo’s” – That’s fine.  Nothing worthwhile or rewarding ever came without dedication and perseverance.

God has a lot of fun in store for all of us this summer!  Let’s make sure we don’t miss out on it just because we didn’t ask Him to lead us to it and through it!  So let’s be sure to put the sunscreen on our bodies and take the Son-screens down from around our lives!  Have a great June!




Friends Disaster Service

            On Sunday, June 11th, Dan Ritchie, IAYM Friends Disaster Service Coordinator, will be bringing the Iowa F.D.S. trailer to Bangor Liberty for the congregation to view. He will share briefly during morning worship about F.D.S.  Following the service the Family Camp Committee will be serving their monthly Family Camp Meal.




Working Together With Christ

Ministry Conference 2006

August 2-5



IAYM/CQH Tall Oaks Update

            The IAYM Camp Quaker Heights Board wants to share how God has blessed IAYM and the building of Tall Oaks Lodge.


Financial update: 

Funds received to date:  $229,700.44

Loans to date:                  $84,893.00

Total gifts & loans         $314,593.44


Expenses to date:           $309,521.45

Balance on hand:               $5,072.91


This does not include the many gifts-in-kind that IAYM/CQH received. God has blessed the building of Tall Oaks and approximately $15,000 is needed to complete this project.

These are a few of the remaining items: bedding, pillows, towels; deck and entrance ramp; hauling charge for donated rock; dishes, etc, for dining; retaining walls; other decorative items & incidentals.

Would you consider sharing in the completion of this facility? Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

                  -IAYM Camp Quaker Heights Board

(Contributions can be mailed to the IAYM Capital Campaign, PO Box 657, Oskaloosa, IA 52577)



- Isn’t it great that new babies make men out of fathers and boys out of grandfathers?


- Many a father works hard to keep the wolf from the door. Then his daughter grows up and brings one home. (Happy Father’s Day, June 18)



House of Compassion Report

On May 25, 2006, 20 from BLFC were involved in purchasing, preparing, serving and clean up for 52 guests.  Our menu was tuna salad and grilled cheese sandwiches; green beans w/bacon; mixed fruit; various puddings; cookies; milk and coffee.  Seconds, thirds and more were given making us wonder where some put it all!  Several people said “thanks” before they left.

John and Margaret stayed in the shelter with 8 men and 1 woman.  John visited at the kitchen table with several of the men.  One came in late after helping a friend with his stock car.  The most interesting was David, a traveling minister.  He had strong Bible knowledge and used a unique King James Bible.  He talked about spending several months helping people after Katrina.  Jean has been finding him small jobs but he was starting work in furniture building this week.  Everyone was very polite and tidy.  In the morning each bed was made up perfectly with belongings placed underneath.  Our next responsibility is June 22. 



Library Ledge: Fantastic Fiction

            Enjoy some light reading this month with a novel from our church library.  You’ll find books set in the past and in the future; in America and in other countries.  We have those of special interest to women, men and teens.  There is something for everyone in the fiction section on the top two shelves of the library.  Following are just a few examples:

            The Puritans is an unforgettable adventure of one of America’s first families of faith.

            All Rivers to the Sea (on audio tape) is set in 1844.  British invaders threaten to undermine the movement for Irish independence, but it is the impending potato blight that may end all dreams and destroy a way of life.  As Kate waits for the birth of their baby, Joseph is in hiding in London.  Plot and counterplot stand between him and a reunion.

            A Winding Road to Freedom has danger round every turn.  Cassie risks her freedom and her life to find her young son in slave territory.  Along the way she discovers the depth of her courage and the many facets of the Underground Railroad.

            Remember to check out some audiotapes to enjoy during your summer travels.  We have several series for children as well as many books on tape for adults.  Enjoy!



Thank You

Dear Friends in Christ,

            We would like to thank you for your financial support for Friends Disaster Service this year. We have been overwhelmed with the gifts that have come in to allow us to continue to help others who are in need. Your gift will be used to help others who have lost their homes or have been forced to move out of their homes while theirs is being repaired or replaced.  May God continue to bless you for your faithfulness.

             Dan & Nancy Ritchie, Coordinators

             IAYM Friends Disaster Service



Christian Ed Note

The Christian Ed. Committee is seeking volunteers to teach summer Sunday school for the combined group of children, preschool thru 5th grade, starting June 11th. A sign up sheet is available at the church where you may sign up for one Sunday or multiple Sundays. Thank you!



Liberty USFW

            The ladies of Liberty USFW will meet at Helen Settle’s home in Marshall-town on Wednesday, June 14th at noon.



The Threshold of God

            The Monday Night Bible study on Timothy continues to meet during the summer months.  Come join us at 7:00, June 11th after our week off for VBS, or any other Monday evening.  You might get lucky and pick a time we’re sharing treats!



Bangor USFW

            On Tuesday, June 20, we will travel to the Mesquakie Indian Mission near Tama to visit the Whites and take desserts for their youth camp.  We’ll have lunch in a local restaurant followed by a short business meeting.  Discussion will include the question of a meeting in July.  And yes, we’ll still collect an offering! :-) Check the bulletin for time and carpool information.



Desserts Needed

            Victor and Brenda White of the Mesquakie Friends Center near Tama are having their Soaring Eagles Summer Camp program June 19-24.  We have been asked to help with desserts for one of their meals.  Cakes, pies, bars and cookies are needed to serve approximately 100 people.  Bring your items to the church by 9:00 a.m. Tuesday, June 20.  Bangor USFW ladies will deliver them later that day.  If you’d like to come along to visit the Mesquakie Friends Center and have lunch at a local restaurant, contact Margaret or Betty for details.  Men are welcome as well as ladies.