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November 2005   Volume 26, No. 11

Dean Lambdin, Pastor


Thank Offering Service


           On Sunday, November 20, 2005, Bangor Liberty Friends will have our annual Thank Offering Service during Sunday morning Worship, 10:30, which will be followed by a potluck meal at noon.

           The Missions Committee has selected the following Thank Offering recipients: Camp Scholarships -- To help send our young people to Camp Quaker Heights next spring.  General Fund -- This is a need to help with the expenses of the church.  Lugulu Hospital -- The hospital is at least 6 months behind in paying the salaries of the staff. The standard of care and concern at the Lugulu Hospital is mindful of the poor, and is substantially higher than government hospitals where care and concern can be minimal or non-existent. The worst cases with unsolved problems, which have been dismissed by the government hospitals, end up at Lugulu and other private hospitals. People are not turned away. Lugulu also has the Adopt-a-Bed and Adopt-a-Patient programs. 

           Friends Disaster Service -- Although the hurricanes have been long gone, the need in the South is still there. Volunteers are needed for the rebuilding effort, for however long a person can help. Several big truckloads have already been sent, filled with all kinds of needed items. FDS also seek the support of prayer partners. Directors of the Friends Disaster Service are Dean and Freeda Johnson. 

           Come and share your blessings this year with others during our Thank Offering Service. As in the past, you may designate to other missions projects if you wish.             

-BLFC Missions Committee                                                                                                                                                         


“One of Those Days”


          Have you ever had one of “Those Days”, you know, one of “Those Days” when nothing seems to being going your way?  And no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t begin to get any better?  Well, I know I’ve had some of “Those Days” before, and I’ll probably have days like them again.  The important thing is what do we do when one of “Those Days” hits us?


            The best defense is always a good offense so I would suggest a proactive plan to implement every day to help limit the number of “Those Days” as well as lessen the impact they will have on you and your life when they do spring up.  This three-step approach to entering each day might sound familiar, but here it is again for you:


1. When you wake up thank God for the blessings of a new day.

2. Submit yourself to Him; this day is His, ask Him to make His will your will.

3. Ask God for a fresh filling of His Holy Spirit to help you in your day.


That’s the proactive approach, but that won’t guarantee that your beautiful morning won’t begin to mutate into one of “Those Days”.  This is where our attitude plays a big role in how much one of “Those Days” is allowed to control us.  In I Thessalonians 5:16-18, we find an attitudinal adjustment verse for just such a situation:


“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances,

for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” – (NIV)


Be joyful always?  Pray continually?  Give thanks in all circumstances?  This is God’s will for me?  Come on Paul, you must be joking?

            He’s not.  And neither is God.  Where is our focus when things begin to short circuit in our life and a great day begins to turn into one of “Those Days”?  Our focus is on ourselves and the focus should be directed towards God.  After all, didn’t we already give this day to Him? Why take it back now especially when it starts to turn cruddy?  Leave it in His hands and He can make a diamond out of a lump of coal; take it away from Him and all you get is the coal.


            Looking a little deeper into these three verses from I Thessalonians we get three directives on our attitudes as we approach and live out every day so that we may be able not only to handle whatever may come our way, but also shine brightly so that others may see Jesus in us no matter what God may call us to go through that day.


“Be joyful always” is a reminder for us to always be mindful and aware of our attitude.  People see the way we react more than they respect our advice we may give on how to react in certain situations.  In other words, our actions do speak much louder than words.  “Pray continually” isn’t some command to stay disconnected from the world around you; instead it is a plea to remind us to stay in contact with God.  This can be done more regularly during the day than you might think.  It doesn’t mean you have to kneel down or bow your head and close your eyes it just simply means keeping an open line of communication with God at all times during the day.  Think of it this way, you know how the secret service on presidential protection detail has those earphones to stay in constant communication with one another to receive updates about possible threats and position changes? That is what we should be doing as we seek to be led by God through His Holy Spirit.  Finally, “Giving thanks in all circumstances” is another reminder of attitude plus a reminder of God’s Sovereignty.  In other words, He is in control even when it looks like no one is, so we should be thankful that God cares for us enough to be concerned even in the littlest details of life.


“Those Days” will come and “Those Days” will go, but just remember Who’s in control and Who made each day that we get to enjoy.  Also remember as the Bible says on many occasions – “It came to pass” – each day brings with it the hope of a new tomorrow.   




Thank You

Dear Friends,

           The 2005 camp season was a tremendous blessing to us. I wanted to inform you of the results of our summer season. 21 Quakerdale youth attended a week at Camp Quaker Heights representing campuses in Waterloo, New Providence, and the Marshalltown Ranch and Promise Home. I believe God used camp to touch the lives of our youth; some more obviously than others. One of our campers wrote:

When I was younger I used to want to go to camp, but we never had the money for me to go. But because of you my friends I got to go and the rewards were great. The whole time I was around Godly people. I had loads of fun and my understanding of Christ grew.”

           I would like to personally thank those churches and individuals who were led of the Lord to help us. Each gift represented a life influenced for Christ through the ministry of Camp Quaker Heights. We look forward to next year’s camp season.

           Dave Holm

           Director of Spiritual Life



Life is God’s gift to you. The way you live your life is your gift to God. Make it a fantastic one. Live it well!

                        -Author unknown



Bible Verse Cryptogram






Answer will appear in the December Bell.



Adopt A Family

Many Marshall County families will not have gifts for Christmas without the help of people like you. If you would like to adopt an individual or family, you just need to tell Betty or Margaret the number of people you wish to help. After you are given the name of your person or family, you call and let them know. Then you purchase gifts from their suggested list, provide a food basket for their holiday dinner and deliver these by Dec. 18.  If you are unable to do the shopping you may give funds to adopt a family together with others in the church.  Please let us know by November 15th how you are able to help. I’m sure God will bless your giving.



Children’s Church

            We will meet on November 6 and 13 to learn how our church is a like a body from Corinthians 12:27, and about responsibility from Hebrews 13:7.  Our service projects will be to give appreciation to our church workers and our pastor and his wife.  All children age 4 through grade 5 are welcome to participate.



Liberty USFW

            Ladies of Liberty USFW will meet at Sharon Johnson’s home in Union at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evening, November 9th.

            Those attending are asked to bring scissors and a medium sized crochet hook, as several projects will be worked on throughout the evening. Also remember to bring your used postage stamps, Campbell soup labels and Box Tops for Education.



Bangor USFW

            A workday is planned for November 15, at the church, beginning at 9:30. A soup lunch will be provided. We will prepare Christmas cards and tray favors for Villa de Sol and make quilts for Blank Children’s Hospital. Donations of old Christmas cards can be given to Betty. 

Our business meeting will be held in the afternoon. The Christmas offering will go to purchase school uniforms for the boys in Belize and for presents for Kickapoo children.



October HOC Report

            BLFC was asked to help the HOC Kitchen Team serve and clean up the meal they prepared on Wednesday, Oct 25.  We served 53 guests sliced pork bellies, potatoes, stewed tomatoes, leftover salad, mixed fruit, celery & peanut butter, angel food cake & cookies.

            On Thurs. Oct. 26 we served 60 guests roast beef gravy on mashed potatoes; green beans & bacon; rolls, sliced tomatoes, mixed fruit & rice krispie treats.  Dean monitored the overnight shelter with 3 men, 1 woman, and a mom with 3 children. 

Our next HOC responsibility is Friday, November 25, the day after Thanksgiving.  Perhaps some of you will have the day off and be available to help with the meal or spend the night. 



HOC Supply Closet

Your generosity to the House of Compassion Supply Closet included: 27 packages of 4 roll toilet paper, 24 bottles of various over the counter medicine, 16 containers of laundry detergent, 8 rolls of paper towels, 8 bottles of dish soap, 2 packages of diapers, 2 bottles shampoo, bath soap and fabric softener. Your contributions will be much appreciated by those who use the closet.





                                    Psalm 100:4,5



Library Ledge - A Life of Prayer

            On my desk there is a little card that reads, "No Christian is greater than his prayer life." I have come to realize that prayer is probably one of the greatest contributions we can make to advance the Kingdom of Christ. Yet, we seldom capitalize on this resource. Surveys show the average Christian prays 15 to 30 minutes a week. If this is true, then it would explain, in part, why so much of the world is still not evangelized.

Satan understands the power of prayer, and I believe he is fighting fiercely to reduce its impact. An obvious military strategy is to concentrate attacks on the targets, which are the greatest threats. It is my conviction that Satan knows the biggest spiritual battles are won or lost because of our prayers.

God desires to be involved in every area of our life. He wants us to specifically commit each of our concerns to Him.  The more specific we are in our prayers, the more direct and effective will be the answers. For example, the prayer, "God, please bless the missionaries," will not be nearly as effective as naming specific missionaries and their particular needs.

When we come before God in prayer and give Him full control of a situation, we are acknowledging His sovereignty in that area. As a result, God begins to work with His mighty power. God desires to be involved in every area of our life. We should never rush off to do God’s work before we have adequate prayer support. From The Incredible Power of Prayer, Michael Bronson.

            Visit the library ledge this month for more encouragement for your prayer life.



IAYM’s Missions Committee

Project 2005

            Last year one of IAYM’s Mission Committee projects was to send shoe boxes for the missions in Chicago. This year we have been asked to assist the needy school children in Belize.

            Michael and Kay Cain along with Any and Lisa Stout operate Friends Boys School in Belize City whose purpose is to prepare children to retake the entrance examination tests for admittance to high school, or to prepare them for learning an employable trade, and thus keep them off the street. Since nearly 60 percent of Belize’s population is under the age of 19, the School plays a vital role helping to fill the gap between grade school, high school and work opportunities. There is space for approximately 40 boys at the school.

            Under the British system, state and local custom regulations requuire all students to wear a uniform. These cost approximately $11.00 for one uniform shirt. Many of the families are so poor that they own only one uniform and if it rains in the night the uniform does not dry, thus the student misses school.

            Presently the school is using math books that were donated by New York Yearly Meeting nine years ago. These were used books when donated and over the years they have begun to come apart and they are now faced with a shortage of these vital books. In the last three months Mike has found a new book that will meet the children’s needs. These books cost $30 each and the school should purchase at least 40 of them.

            IAYM has been asked to raise money to help with these needs. Please send any monetary donations by December 1st to Bob Watson, Treasurer of IAYM Missions Committee, 803 Minnesota St, Glidden IA 51443.