The Bangor Liberty Bell

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Bangor Liberty Friends Church


June 2004   Volume 25, No. 6

Keith Haisch, Pastor


You can walk a mile in any direction

for exercise, but in life’s walk, it’s good

to have a path to follow.

(God’s Holy Bible is a great guide!)


Lava Lava Island

Vacation Bible School

Where Jesus' Love Flows!


June 6-10 our church will be transformed into an exotic volcanic island! It's our goal to reach 60 kids with this program!  That's 60 kids who will grow in their relationship with God!

Please pray:

  -that our invitations might be welcomed and bring newcomers  to BLFC;  

  -that ears and hearts will be open;

  -that God's love and blessing will surround each one; that lives will be transformed.



What’s Your Motivation?

            In a park, or maybe a garden, somewhere in Europe, next to a beautiful flowerbed, there was a sign, written in three languages:

In German: Picking flowers is prohibited.

In English: Please do not pick the flowers.

In French: Those who love flowers will not pick them.

What is your motivation for doing God’s will, obeying God’s commands? Fear of authority? Sense of society’s expectations? Or love?



~We ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of God, who regards not the greatness of the work but the love with which it is performed.

                                    -Brother Lawrence



2004 VBS Mission Projects

           Our local, hands-on mission project will be to bring baby items for The Stork’s Nest in Marshalltown. This is an incentive program offered to economically disadvantaged women. The goal of the “Nest” is to reduce the number of low birth weight babies and infant deaths through parent education. The women earn points for participating in educational programs, for keeping prenatal appointments, well-baby visits, getting immunizations, and a variety of other activities that focus on healthy pregnancy and parenting. Points are exchanged for baby items, which are donated by the community. Items needed include: Baby wipes, sippy cups, infant fingernail clippers, infant Tylenol, shampoo, socks, baby bottles, teething rings, board books, plastic infant and toddler spoons.

           Our foreign missions project is to bring money to help build a school for poor orphan children living in an area of Nairobi, Africa, called Kibera slum. Our contributions will help build a more permanent Lindi Friends School building. Then the Kenyan government will keep its promise to provide and pay for qualified teachers. Many of the children don’t have homes - they live in shelters made of produce sacks and cardboard. Street children have to beg for money or food to stay alive. Nearly 200 children crowd into the small school with no pencils, papers or books. But they learn by singing and repeating what the teacher says. Each time a child learns something new at Lindi Friends School, that child takes one step closer to a life outside the Kibera slum.



100 Years!

            You are invited to an open house to commemorate the incorporation of Friends United Meeting 100 years ago. Join us on June 11, 2004 from 3-5 p.m. at the Friends Central Offices, Richmond, Indiana. For more information, phone 765-962-7573.

The following is a report that will be published in the July/August issue of Quaker Life magazine:

On July 20, 1904, 21 Friends, serving as Trustees of the Five Years Meeting, (predecessor to Friends United Meeting), signed Articles, thereby incorporating the Five Years Meeting as an Indiana not-for-profit corporation.  William O. Mendenhall was the Presiding Clerk. Prior to 1904 the Five Years Meeting was a Voluntary Association established in March 1901.

Why was incorporation a milestone event in the history of Friends United Meeting, calling for recognition and celebration?

 A corporation is defined as a legal entity created under the authority of the laws of a state. A corporation is just like a real person in the eyes of the law, except it is perpetual. Although created 100 years ago, the Friends United Meeting Corporation continues and has “outlived” the 21 original signers of the articles of incorporation.

In 1904 a “person” was created to carry out the ministry of the Friends Church.  It is not often we get the opportunity to celebrate a 100th birthday. This “person” has the special calling to “energize and equip Friends through the power of the Holy Spirit to gather people into fellowships where Jesus Christ is know, loved and obeyed as Teacher and Lord.”  For 100 years, in many and varied ways, Friends United Meeting has been living out this calling.  What a celebration!

In the 21st century, Friends United Meeting is centering this calling on evangelism, leadership training, global partnership and communication.

Like a person, a corporation requires support and care to live a long and healthy life. The Friends United Meeting Corporation is able to celebrate 100 years of service and ministry because of the financial support and gifts of leadership received from thousands of Friends throughout the church.

So, a part of this 100th anniversary celebration is to say “thank you” to the church and to encourage continued support.  Without this support, this FUM “person” cannot continue serving the church by promoting evangelism, offering leadership training, establishing global partnership and setting up communication links.




Quakers believe…That every man and woman has direct access to God

Quakers believe…continuing revelation through the Holy Spirit

Quakers believe…following the inward light will lead to individual spiritual development



Children’s Church on Vacation

We will not hold Children’s Church during the months of June and July because of VBS, family vacations and extra summer activities. It will begin again mid-August, just prior to when school resumes. 

Parents, feel free to check out the children’s library in the fellowship hall for great reading materials for your kids to enjoy during church or at home. If you wish to take home a book, just sign the child’s name and put the date on the card. Leave it in the proper box and when you return it replace the card in the book. There are also several videos and books on tape for your family’s learning enjoyment.



Liberty USFW

            Liberty USFW ladies will meet at Helen Settle’s home in Marshalltown on Wednesday, June 9 at noon. This will be the last meeting until September.



Bangor USFW

On Tuesday, June 15, at 1:30 pm Bangor USFW will meet at the church.  Our guest speaker will be Deborah from The Stork’s Nest in Marshalltown. All ladies are welcome. As this will be the final meeting for the summer be sure to bring your change for our mission projects. This will allow you an empty container to begin refilling. New officers and committee chairperson will be chosen in June. If you haven’t read 4 books from the reading course, now is the time to complete that project.




Please Note

July Meeting for Worship for Business will be held on Wednesday, June 23. All IAYM yearly reports will be due then.


August Meeting for Worship for Business will be held on Wednesday, July 28, due to the IAYM Ministry Conference being held August 4-7.




40th Anniversary

            Former pastors, Charles and Carla Neifert will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on June 20th. Cards of congratulation may be sent to them at 2355 N 1100 Road, Eudora KS 66025.  A Come and Go Reception in their honor will be held at Hesper Friends Church. Eudora, Kansas on June 20.



Thank You

            Thank you to the Jim and Don Sparks’ families for memorial funds, which have been used to help purchase and install attractive new entryway doors into our church building.



House of Compassion

Our menu changed this month, as we were encouraged to use up leftovers.  We served 31 guests generous helpings of pork sandwiches, green beans and bacon, bananas, potato salad, pasta salad, Jello, angel food cake with strawberries and whipped topping and iced tea or milk.

Our volunteers included Sharon KJ, Vi, Veronica, Tom, Bess, Mary S, Betty and Fern who provided the food; Diane, Fern and Betty who prepared; Wayne T, Royal, Keith, Leo, and Ann who served; Vi, Joe, Kay, Kelsey and Daniel who cleaned and Levi and Ramona who monitored.

            Betty and I got the meat simmering early in the afternoon. (We found out later some was turkey & some was pork!) It needed BBQ sauce so I added that to my grocery list and we both left to do errands. When I returned Fern and Diane had arrived and were busy fixing beans, cooking bacon, arranging cookies and cleaning along with Betty. The two bottles of sauce didn’t give enough flavors so we added ketchup, pizza sauce and taco seasoning, before deciding it was well seasoned.  Wayne arrived and become our tester. It was an easy meal. Also someone had already emptied the dishwashers and about half the silverware was prepared before we arrived, but we managed to find ways to keep busy. More coffee was needed, the sugar container refilled, tables cleaned, etc.

            Promptly at 5:00 Keith gave the prayer and began offering milk and tea. Leo served the meat and Ann the green beans.  Wayne cut the angel food cakes and Royal added strawberries and topping. It was well received. People seemed very appreciative and several had extra helpings. I heard two come back to say it was an “excellent” meal. 

            Our cleanup people were hard workers. Vi and Kelsey had a good system going to fill the dishwashers. Kay worked on washing the cookware and Joe and Daniel took care of the tables and floor in the dining room. Wayne stayed to take out the garbage.  We had one whole roaster of meat leftover to put in Ziplocs and freeze. Ramona took the extra bananas upstairs. Vi and Joe mopped the kitchen floor so it looked very nice when we left at 7:00. Thanks to all!


Iowa Yearly Meeting

Ministry Conference 2004

“A Future and A Hope”

Jeremiah 29:11


August 4-7, 2004

William Penn University

Oskaloosa, Iowa

Conference Highlights

-Keynote Speaker - David Brock

-Worship Leaders - Alan & Sheryl Mullikin

-Informative Ministry Forums

-Heartfelt World Ministry Reports

-Transforming Worship      -Spirit Led Business

-Lively Children’s Program

-Meaningful Youth Events

-Eye-Opening Missions Banquet and More!


In Our Thoughts & Prayers

            Our sincere sympathy surrounds Ruth Thompson, whose husband, Virgil, died May 25th following a brief illness. Although Ruth and Virgil have not been able to worship with us often the past year, they have been missed following their move into the Oakview Nursing Home in Conrad earlier this spring.

            Funeral services were held at Bangor Liberty on May 28 with Pastor Keith Haisch and Pastor Ron Goecke officiating. In addition to Ruth, Virgil is survived by numerous nieces and nephews.



The Library Ledge

Dandy Devotionals

            “Do you endeavor to advance your spiritual growth by prayerful study of the Bible and other devotional literature?” During the month of June the library will display books that will encourage you in your devotional life.  Some will make you laugh, others will make you think, but all will challenge you to a closer walk with our Lord.

            A few examples include: The Father Who Calls by Janette Oke; The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis; Growing Strong in the Season of Life by Chuck Swindol; and Daily Guideposts. These and more are available now on the library ledge.



School Supplies for Needy Children

            The House of Compassion is planning their Back To School program.  Every church that participates in this program is asked to furnish 8 items from the school lists. Our congregation has been asked to collect the following:

Large boxes of Kleenex Tissue Pocket Folders

Erasers (both pencil tip & regular)  Pencils

3 Ring Binders

Black & Blue Erasable Pens; Colored Pencils 

Wide line Loose-leaf Notebook


Last year HOC assisted 750 students. Every year there is an increase in those who need help. They anticipate 100 more will ask for supplies this year.

A box will be in the entryway for your supplies. Collections will continue through the month of July. Thanks in advance for your support of this program! 



A Chuckle for the Week

Best recipe for a prize-winning “sponge” cake: Borrow the butter, borrow the eggs, borrow the milk, and ask a neighbor if she will bake it in her oven.

            -contributed by Bess Holveck


-Don’t let your worries get the best of you.  Remember, Moses started out as a basket case!