The Bangor Liberty Bell

Sharing the News and Views of

Bangor Liberty Friends Church


March 2004   Volume 25, No. 3

Keith Haisch, Pastor



A Great Big Mess

           Recently, I was driving to the grocery store. I had to travel a road that was being reconstructed to accommodate a new bridge. As I approached the construction site, I was detained for a few minutes as the workers maneuvered their equipment.

           The road was a great big mess. I wondered how such a mess could possibly turn into something constructive and pretty to look at again. To me, the job the construction workers were doing would be impossible. But not to them, I thought. The people in charge had perfect blueprints that they were following to the letter. The workers had a vision of what the finished work would look like even though I didn’t.

           Upon completion, the road and new bridge would be a sight to behold and more reliable than what had preceded it.

           It occurred to me that sometimes our lives seem to be in a great big mess. We can’t see an earthly way out of a circumstance or situation, whether it be financial, physical, personal, emotional, or otherwise. During this time, we need to remember that there is Someone greater than ourselves, the One in charge, the One who loves us and holds the blueprints to our lives, who sees the end result. What looks like a giant puzzle to us is being put together by God. He has promised that all things work together for good to them that love God.

           So remember, if you’re in a great big mess, God is only reconstructing. The end result will be far better than what was left behind.



Spring Meetings

At Bangor Liberty Friends Church

Steve and Marlene Pedigo, guest speakers

Friday, April 16, 7:00 p.m.

Saturday, April 17, potluck at 5:30 p.m.,

Evening meeting to follow.

Sunday, April 18, 9:30 a.m. Worship

Sunday School will follow at 10:30.

 Steve and Marlene have been pastors at  Chicago Fellowship of Friends for over 25 years. Make plans to join us!


Remember In Prayer

~Those viewing The Passion of The Christ film--that lives will be changed.

~Students, teachers and other school personnel in our local schools.

~President Bush, national and state leaders.

~The presidential election later this year.

~Steve & Marlene Pedigo of Chicago Fellowship of Friends as they prepare for our Spring Meetings in April.

~The Friends Lugulu Hospital in Kenya.~Mike & Kay Cain in Belize

~Andy & Lisa Stout in Jamaica

~Mesquakie Friends Center at Tama

~The Arise & Shine Men’s Conference in North Carolina, March 12, 13 and Friends Disaster Service Projects scheduled for that week.



“We’re here to be worshipers first and workers only second. The work done by a worshiper will have eternity in it.”                A.W. Tozer



God is like…..

Dial Soap

Aren’t you glad you have Him?

Don’t you wish everybody did?

God is like….


You’re in good hands with Him.



House of Compassion

February Report

Thanks to Vi, Sharon KJ, Fern and Tom for donating toward the meal. More money was given than was needed to purchase food, so 12 bottles of shampoo was bought for the supply closet. Betty, Fern, Wayne, and Neil were volunteer workers for the evening. Other volunteers canceled because of the snowstorm.

The meal was sausage vegetable soup, cheesy bread sticks, crackers, fruit, cookies and milk and valentine chocolates to put on each plate.

A fresh pot of coffee was made and soon a funny sound was heard, like wind blowing, coming from the coffeepot. It was a mystery, only Fern and Betty know, and they aren't talking. Anyway the noise stopped!! Shirley and Don Davis came to help but were told them to go on home because of the snowstorm. Phyllis from the dining room gave the blessing. 28 people were served.   

Some of the men in the dining room were very helpful; like getting the coffee servers down from the top shelf in the cupboard! The soup was served in disposable plastic dishes, so that helped with the dish washing. Neil and Wayne filled the dishwashers and Neil scrubbed the roasters.  He must have good fingernails!! 

Wayne Tuttle stayed in the overnight shelter with 7 men. Two were Hispanic and didn't seem to speak English. Some watched TV. He reported he slept well and had a quiet night. Some stayed until after 8:00. Others left for work at 7:00. Three took lunch tickets for the Salvation Army noon meal. Thanks to all of our great volunteers.


Come see and hear

Joe White

Saturday, May 15

Marshalltown High School Roundhouse

Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

Adults $5.00 - Students $2.00

Joe White came to Marshalltown in November 2000 to perform his famous “Cross Builder” presentation. White has now created a new presentation that involves three crosses. Don’t miss this exciting event that brings everyone who sees it to a deeper understanding of the importance of their faith. Tickets will be available soon at Hy-Vee, Sports Page (at the mall) and at participating area churches.



Library Ledge: Focus on Prayer

The books on the library ledge will focus on prayer during the month of March. Blaine Allen teaches us how to accept God’s answers, handle the unexpected and wait for God, in the book When God Says No

In Prayer, Stress, and our Inner Wounds, Flora Wuellner reminds the reader that the passion to heal was central in Jesus. With the caution that prayer must remain flexible and appropriate to the individual, the author offers prayers and spiritual exercises to help the reader find channels for receiving God’s healing love.

A Passion for Prayer seeks to help Christians develop a prayer habit and a more effective prayer life by sharing the principles of prayer and challenging you to pray a matter through to its conclusion. This book will strengthen you in your boldness and desire as you daily come to Jesus in prayer.



Focus on Missions

Mike and Kay Cain write from Belize: On January 5th they returned to their building on Allenby St. They lost the computer lab but added a vocabulary class. The classroom upstairs now has finished floors with enamel paint and a dry eraser board on the wall. Closet doors were added at one end for a place to store supplies. The office area now has an air conditioner thanks to Western Yearly Meeting. During the Christmas break two students dropped out of school, but two students who had to drop out of high school due to illness replaced them. They have now recovered and want to return to high school and are using the Friends Boys School as a place to prepare for that. In January they participated in the Belize City Primary School basketball tournament, something they had not done before. They won the city championship but finished 2nd in the district competition. Their loss in the championship was only by 1 point. The students are now preparing for soccer even though they lack uniforms and shoes. It was a great time for the students and a good feeling to see the entire school come together and support the team.


FUM tells us that the Cains require a monthly donor amount of $3500 just to keep their budget afloat. The Friends School needs a monthly budget of $1600. With the current mailing list, that would come to about $10 a month from each of their supporters. Pray that this amount will be reached to keep the Cains in this important ministry to the boys and girls of Belize.


We have received word from Andy and Lisa Stout who are serving in the Happy Grove High School in Jamaica where they are now in the second term. Lisa is currently teaching. One of the teachers did not return after the Christmas holidays so the English department had to cover about 30 classes. Lisa was asked to take 15 of these sessions each week, with as many as 52 students in a very different environment than she grew up in. A new teacher was just hired and now Lisa will be helping the reading teacher. She will also help to fill in gaps when teachers are absent, since there are no funds to hire substitute teachers. Andy is working as chaplain and making progress in improving the spiritual emphasis at the school. It has been quite a challenge as the majority of students are unfamiliar with Quakers despite the Quaker history at Happy Grove. Another challenge is to maintain order with the 1500 students during devotion times. He is working to get the staff more involved in devotions, not only to help with the students but also to participate themselves. They are continually reminded that they work in God's timing instead of their own! Andy is starting a Bible Study with the staff, meeting at noon on Tuesdays. They ask for prayers as they work with the students as well as the staff at Happy Grove School.

                              -BLF Missions Committee




Iowa Yearly Meeting

Ministry Conference

“A Future And A Hope”

August 4-7, 2004

William Penn University,

Oskaloosa, IA



Attention Children

Children’s Church will be held for children age 5 through grade 5 on March 7, 14, and 28. Our service projects will be thanking public school teachers and sending Easter greetings to adopted grandparents.



Liberty USFW

Liberty USFW ladies are encouraged to continue collecting their Campbell Soup labels and Box Tops for Education Reg Martin. Please bring them to the March 10th meeting, which will be held at the church at 7:00 p.m. The yearly Thank Offering will also be collected.



Bangor USFW

On Tuesday, March 16th at 9:30, Bangor USFW will meet at the home of Peggy Martin. She will provide the lesson and Fern the refreshments. Ladies are asked to bring their Thank Offering, which will go toward the support of our Friends Mission work in Jamaica



USFW Spring Conference

            All ladies are welcome to attend the USFW Spring Conference, Saturday, March 27, 2004, at the Honey Creek-New Providence Friends Church beginning at 9:30 a.m. with registration and coffee.

            Our guest speakers will be Dan and Tracey Whitehead. They and their three children are on furlough as missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) where they have served in Venezuela for several years.

            The cost of the lunch is $6.00, with tickets available from Margaret Good or Sharon K. Johnson.



Lava Lava Island VBS

See the volcano towering over the jungle?

Hear the rumble in the distance?

Feel the ground shaking under your feet?

You can almost taste the excitement that’s building as you head into big adventures at Lava Lava Island, where Jesus’ love flows! Mark your calendar for June 6-10 and start praying for your involvement and for the kids God wants to participate in this adventure. We hope Lava Lava Island will help the love of Jesus flow into our community! 



News From the Trustees

Bangor Liberty Friends are considering the purchase of a new media projector to replace the large unit we are currently using as it needs some repair and finding a repairman is difficult. The cost of a new unit will be between $850 and $1,000.

            The Trustees are also obtaining estimates for new outside doors for both entryways into the church. There are memorial funds designated for door replacement, but additional funds will be needed to complete the project.

            If you have any questions about either of these projects, please contact a trustee - Reg Martin, Will Macy, Tom Gilmore, Donny Davis, Joe Feltz or Rick Hoover. If you would like to donate funds for either project those could be sent or given to Scott Davis, church treasurer. We are hopeful that we can undertake these projects this spring.



House of Compassion

Supply Closet

March is our month to help fill the shelves at the House of Compassion Supply Closet.  People who qualify are able to select 3 nonfood, household items a month. The items most needed this month are: shampoo, laundry and dish detergent, toilet paper, and various over the counter medicines for both adults and children.  These include aspirin or other pain medicines and liquid or pill form cold medicines. Shopping bags are available for you to take home and transport your donations. We’ll be collecting the items in the entryway throughout the month of March. Thanks in advance for your support of this much-appreciated ministry.



Check Out the Magazines

            Just a reminder to check out the magazine rack in the entryway of the church for a large variety of magazines, all available for you to borrow. Some are just for men, and some just for women. Others are specifically Quaker. The InnerChange Freedom Initiative Newsletter from Prison Fellowship has an article about the Newton, Iowa facility this month. Be sure to check out the magazines located on the rack.


Quaker Heights

Summer Camp Dates:

Please note changes in some dates:


Little Fry                                   May 15-16

Fry Camp                                 June 4-6

High School                              June 6-11

High School Weekender            June 11-13

Fox (grades 5-6)                        June 18-22

Jr. High (Boys & Girls)              June 22-26


Volunteers Needed!

Camp Quaker Heights needs caring, fun-loving folks to spend time with us this summer. For more info call 641-939-5977 or 641-751-4400. We are in need of the following:

           Counselors         Nurses

           Kitchen Help      Janitors

           Canoe Runners   Grounds Keepers

           People who want to serve regardless of the task


Please Note

All volunteer staff must attend a Camp Quaker Heights Volunteer Workshop!

Those workshops closest to us will be held at HC/NP Friends Church, March 25, 7:00 pm and Marshalltown Friends Church, April 20, 7:00 pm. These workshops should end by 8:30 each evening.