The Bangor Liberty Bell

Sharing the News and Views of

Bangor Liberty Friends Church


February 2004   Volume 25, No. 2

Keith Haisch, Pastor



Come and help us celebrate our love for Christ!  Invite your family

and friends!  Christian Ed. will be serving cookies, milk & juice before Sunday School.  Sunday afternoon you are invited to join us at Zeno’s in Marshalltown at 4:30 for pizza-each family paying for their own-and then going to Skatetown for skating,

6:00-8:00 p.m. Kids skate free.

Special drawing for prizes at 7:00 p.m.

Everyone is welcome to join us!


Love One Another

           when it hurts

              when nothing is given in return

Love one another

           when you’re victimized

              when all is dark and gloomy

Love one another

           when you want to run and hide

              when you’re numb and beaten

Love one another

           when you figure it won’t even matter

              when the battle seems lost and over

Love one another

           when your first instinct is to lash out

             when you feel justified to stop trying

Love one another

           when your desire is to just pretend

                  things are okay

             when you feel that all are at fault

                   but yourself

Love one another

 . . .because Christ forgave you, and continues to do so despite the pain and hurt we cause Him. Love is the answer. Not hatred. Not bitterness. Not avoidance, Love is the extension of God’s grace and mercy to us. And we must extend that to each other.



Turn Around Strategies

For the Small Church

With Dr. Ron Crandall


A Ministry Conference

For the Friends of Iowa Yearly Meeting

At College Avenue Friends Church,

Oskaloosa, Iowa - Feb. 27 & 28, 2004


Registration forms are available at the church. An anonymous person has offered to pay the registration fees, so if you are interested or able to attend contact Pastor Keith as soon as possible.



HAWK-I Health Insurance Program For Children

           The Iowa Yearly Meeting Board of Peace and Social Concerns is assisting the state in the promotion of the HAWK-I Program. This program makes health insurance free to qualified children and their families.

           Applications are available at the church if you know of someone who could benefit from this program.



Spring Meetings

           Bangor Liberty Friends Church will be holding spring meetings with Steve and Marlene Pedigo, pastors of Chicago Fellowship of Friends, as guest speakers. These meetings will be held Friday, April 16, Saturday, April 17 and on Sunday, April 18 during Morning Worship, which will be held at 9:30 a.m., with Sunday School following at 10:30.



Missions Update

News from Ramallah:  Colin and Kathy South write that the situation in Ramallah had quieted somewhat during the Christmas Season. “We do not experience the nightly rumble of tanks along our streets.  We do still have raids into the town that might result in a localized curfew. We felt that the community was heaving a sigh of relief that physical violence was at a more manageable level. However, it is clear that the sigh is no longer one of relief but one that reflects an increasing frustration and a deepened anger. People are now exploring the grief they have experienced over the past three years or so and there is a palpable change. Tempers are shorter, patience is more easily over-stretched, depression is more commonplace and tolerance is on a tighter rein.

We grieve for the effects of this on the ordinary lives of ordinary citizens.  Often times we feel helpless in the face of this political movement. This is the time   when Christian folk need to pray and to stay centered. We need to remain staunchly and strictly faithful to the Gospel message of Faith, Hope and Love.

Pouring out the love in our hearts into this school of ours is what drives and saves most of the 130 teachers, administrators and support personnel who work here. This is sanity in an insane world.  It is through the service that life can be meaningful. School continues where one thousand fifty students learn, play, laugh and sometimes cry. Let us continue to reach for the sky, reach for the unreachable bringing the fruits of such strife back home to us as Love and Forbearance, Justice and Peace.”


John Hishmeh has been appointed to the Christian Leadership Development Program of FUM and he will serve three years at the Friends School in Ramallah beginning April 1st. He is a committed Christian and an American citizen whose grandparents came to America from Ramallah. Although he is not a Quaker, he has an appreciation of Quaker testimonies and values and wants to contribute to a significant piece of the Quaker work at the school. His prayer is “that this project will be just as much yours as it is mine. To share with you my moments of joy as well as moments of pain, success and failures, so that you also can be a part of God's work in Palestine and Israel.”


Jacob Kuntz has been a teacher at the Friends School in Ramallah since the school began this last fall. He is teaching 9th and 10th grade History and 10th grade English. With 179 students in grades 9th thru 11th he has ten Mohammads and seven Ahmads. This semester he has implemented non-violence into the curriculum. In one class he is telling the students about Martin Luther King and Ghandi. He said they would be studying about the Holocaust. "Why" one Ahmad student in 10th grade asked? He explained how five million people had been killed and who are rarely talked about. We will learn about all the people who were victimized by Hitler’s Germany, including Jews. He asked the question "Do you think non-violence would work in Palestine?" A lively debate followed. He found that 40% of ninth graders and 46% of tenth graders believed that non-violence would work in Palestine. One girl in tenth grade asked "Do you think we like violence?" It is a good question. Often, the loudest people get their opinions heard, while truth masks itself in humility. We will be hearing more from Jacob and his teaching in Ramallah.

                        -BLFC Missions Committee



A new Bible Study is beginning on the book of Luke. As the New Testament's longest book, Luke, the physician friend of the Apostle Paul, reveals Jesus as the Man who came to save all - including women, the poor, the outcast, the sick, and the ordinary, everyday people of every nation. Luke's vivid, fast-moving report offers a gospel of reconciliation and celebration. Join us on Monday nights at 7:30 as we strive to learn to be more like Christ through the study of Luke.


Quaker Heights

Summer Camp Dates:

Little Fry                                   June 5-6

High School                              June 6-11

High School Weekender            June 11-13

Fox (grades 5-6)                        June 13-17

Fry (grades 3-4)                        June 17-19

Jr. High Girls (7-8)                    June 21-25

Jr. High Boys (7-8)                   June 25-29


Volunteers Needed!

Camp Quaker Heights needs caring, fun-loving folks to spend time with us this summer. For more info call 641-939-5977 or 641-751-4400 or email

We are in need of the following:

           Counselors         Nurses

           Kitchen Help      Janitors

           Canoe Runners   Grounds Keepers

           People who want to serve regardless

           of the task


Please Note

All volunteer staff must attend a Camp Quaker Heights Volunteer Workshop!


Fairfield Friends Church, March 16, 7 pm

Motor Friends Church, March 18, 7 pm

Buffalo Friends Church, March 23 7 pm

HC/NP Friends Church, March 25, 7 pm

Woolson Friends Church, April 13, 7 pm

Earlham Friends Church, April 15, 7 pm

Marshalltown Friends Church, April 20, 7 pm

Lynnville Friends Church, April 27, 7 pm



House of Compassion

January Report

We served 26 guests generous helpings of beef vegetable noodle soup with hamburger and venison, green beans, peas, corn, carrots, tomatoes, spaghetti sauce, onions, and ramen noodles; cornbread; their choice of peaches, applesauce, apricots or pineapple; a variety of Christmas cookies and cake with ice cream, strawberries, blueberries, peaches and chocolate topping and of course milk. 

Our great volunteers included: Vi, Bess, Peg & Neil, Tom, Betty, Will & Jo, and Mary & Scott and Royal who provided food; Betty, Vi and Wayne who prepared; Mary & Scott, Katie & Jennifer, Emma, Judy & Jenny, Ken & Bess, and Vi who served; Reg, Neil & Peg, and Tom who were on cleanup. Tom brought Pat along saying he’d treat her to supper. But she was a really cheap date, and only drank coffee.  Was nice to have her to visit with and see her doing well after recent surgery.

Wayne M brought some radishes to share, which were enjoyed by several. The Christmas cookies were appreciated, but not as much as the ice cream with fruit toppings…the strawberries especially. It was great to see 3 men washing dishes during cleanup time! We had an extra helper again this month. Edward returned to work off more community service. He was indeed a good help and when we left he was picking up the chairs in the dining room and mopping the floor.

Wayne McDonald stayed the night with 3 men. They watched the end of the Rose Bowl, then the Orange Bowl and later a rerun of the Outback Bowl. He wrote an interesting report, which you can find on the bulletin board at church. Our next opportunity to serve and monitor will be Thursday, February 5. 



Thank You

Dear Friends,

           Thank you for your gift to be used for the glory of God. On that Christmas many years ago, the shepherds brought praise and the wise men brought physical gifts - received with God’s blessing. So, too, your contribution to Friends United Meeting is received with thanksgiving to further the work God has called us to do together.

            Retha McCutchen for F.U.M.



Dear Bangor Liberty Friends,

           All of us from Chrysalis Character Center (CCC) want to thank you for your financial gift. We hope that you’ll continue to keep us in your prayers and pray that God would open the doors that we need in order to make a difference in the lives of these hurting teenagers.

           We’ve been making progress with our fund raising and have been busy filing the appropriate papers needed for our organization. For grant writing purposes we have an opportunity to change our name from Everyday Christian Ministries (E.C.M.) to Chrysalis Character Center or CCC. It’s an exciting time for all of us and we thank you for being part of it!

Thank you for your contribution and generosity!

                        Sincerely, Co-Founders:

                        Lindsey Ellis & T.J. Stanfield


Beautiful Things

The best and the most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched…they must be felt with the heart.

                                    -Helen Keller


Attention Children

Children’s Church will be held for children age 5 through grade 5 on February 8, 22, & 29. Our service projects will be thanking public school teachers, valentines for adopted grandparents and emphasizing the food box ministry.


You’re Invited!

Potluck Sweetheart Supper

Wednesday, February 11, 6:30 p.m.,

Bangor Liberty Friends Church

hosted by Liberty USFW.             

Please let Kay Feltz, Darlene Bradley

or Lora Bachman know by Monday,

Feb. 9thif you plan to attend.


Soup Labels/Box Tops for Ed.

Liberty USFW ladies are encouraged to continue collecting their Campbell Soup labels and Box Tops for Education. Please bring them to the March 10th meeting.


Attention Ladies

On Tuesday, February 27, at 9:30, Bangor USFW will meet at the church for a workday to prepare for the Quilting Party in April. Everyone is to bring her own sack lunch. Dessert and drink will be provided.  Fern will give our devotional lesson. Bring scissors and your change for missions.


Blizzard Blast - 2004

            Blizzard Blast, for grades 5-8, will be held at the Marshalltown YMCA, February 20, 10 p.m.-6:00 a.m. Jr. Youth leaders, Will and Jo Macy, have registration forms/consent forms for those interested in attending. The cost is $25 per person or $20 per person for a group of 10 or more. Get your friends together and make plans to attend this fun event at the new YMCA in Marshalltown!


Library Ledge

Marriage Builders

            When you visit the church library this month you will find Marriage Builders on display. These books and tapes will help you better understand your mate, spark some romance or develop your communication.

            We have books for the young person considering marriage, for newlyweds, and for the couple wanting to spice up a long-term marriage. Dating your Mate will inspire your own romantic creativity. Tenderness and 24 Other Ways to Make a Marriage Work will help you understand and fulfill your God-given roles as husband and wife. The H.I.M. Book is a humorous manual for wives. Men will find a chapter that challenges them to become a radical lover and intimate leader in the book Building a Home. Check them out!


New In Our Church Library   Thanks to some generous donations we have several new materials currently displayed in the entryway. You’ll find The Purpose Driven Church, by Rick Warren.  He shares how the Saddleback Church (where he is pastor), grew from one family to over 10,000 in worship attendance in just 15 years. Books on tape include: Mary Lou Retton’s Gateways to Happiness and Joyce Vedral’s 8 Keys to the Life of your Dreams: Look In, Look Up, Look Out

            We now have a collection of Charlton Heston presents The Bible; 4 videos, 3 audios, and a companion book, which includes artwork and photos. These could be used for a group study.



Worry is the darkroom where negatives are developed.



A hug is the perfect gift

One size fits all

And no one minds if you

Exchange it.

Author Unknown