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May 2017   Volume 38, No. 5


Perry Mason Goes to Church


Some of the most popular television programs, movies or books that are consumed by our culture today are courtroom dramas.  Perry Mason was the start of the trend in the 50’s and 60’s and it has continued with the books of John Grisham and shows like “LA Law” and “Law and Order.”  Some people are surprised to learn that even the Bible contains a few scenes of courtroom drama.


In Zechariah chapter 3 is contained a short little scene pulled straight from the courtroom.  Joshua the high priest is standing before the “angel of the LORD and Satan.  Much like a prosecuting attorney, Satan stands at Joshua’s right hand to accuse him.  God rebukes Satan, in doing so he refers to Joshua as Jerusalem, meaning that the high priest represents all believers.  Then God refers to Joshua as “a brand plucked from the fire.”  In other words a sinner saved from judgment. 


In Zechariah 3, verse 4, the “angel of the LORD” says to Joshua, “See, I have taken away your sin and will put fine garments on you.”  After Joshua is clothed in new garments the angel of the Lord continues in verse 6 by giving a charge to Joshua, “If you walk in my ways and keep my charge, then you shall rule my house and have charge of my courts and I will give you the right to stand among those who are gathered here.” 


The original reader of the Old Testament saw this scene as an affirmation of God’s blessing upon the Jewish people.  Joshua represents the nation itself.  The angel of the LORD is a manifestation of Yahweh. 


For those of us on this side of the resurrection the scene related in Zechariah 3 is impossible to understand in any other way than the redemption that is found in Jesus Christ.  Scholars have long viewed “the angel of the LORD” in the Old Testament as what are called Christophanies.  A Christophany is an appearance in the Old Testament of Jesus Christ.  In verse 8, Joshua is told that the Lord’s “servant the branch” will come soon.  Repeatedly in the Old Testament, “the Lord’s servant” or a “branch” is used to identify the Messiah. (See Isaiah chapter 42-66 for more on “the servant of the Lord”) 


You often hear that the Old Testament points to the New Testament.  Actually, everything in the Old Testament points to and celebrates the coming of Jesus Christ.  In  Zechariah 3, God provides for us a shadow of what Jesus Christ would do for us.  In verse 4, Joshua’s filthy garments are removed and replaced with pure vestments, clean garments provided by Jesus.  So that when God looks at us on the day of Judgement, He doesn’t see a sinner clothed in filth and sin.  Instead He sees the righteousness of His son.  Because of that I am spared an eternal judgement separated from God.




LIBRARY LEDGE – Mother’s Day


We have several books for Mothers to read.  Humor, inspiration, & help.  Amusing Grace, The Heart of a Mother, A Mother’s Love, Sometimes I Feel Like Running Away From Home, Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy & Where Does a Mother Go to Resign?  Several others as well.  Come check it out.



May 16 is the next meeting for Christian Ed at 7:00p


May 18 is Liberty USFW meeting with

 Kay Feltz as hostess, Darlene Bradley as co-hostess.  Darlene will do a book review.  The time is 7:00pm



Plan Ahead

VBS: Sunday July 16-July20 with program on July 21, 2017

VBS Directors - Dani Junker, Alicia Daleska, & Mindy Hadley are willing to direct.


Mission Trip: July 23-July 30


IYM: July 26-July 29, 2017


IYM Church Camp

            June 2-4 Young Adult camp

            June 9-11 Little Fry (K-2)

            June 11-16 Middle/High school

            June 18-22 Elementary Camp

AWAKEN is the theme for the year.  More to come later


Christmas Children Program- Looking for a Director now.





On April 27th 40 guests were served generous helpings of ravioli with meat sauce along with green beans & bacon, mixed fruit cups, coleslaw, raw carrots, frosted cupcakes or brownies, milk, juice and coffee. Thanks to: Brad & Marci, Larry & Dani who provided funds; Vi, Darla, Neil, Jo & Tom who helped with the meal. There is a new rule that no 2nd helpings may be given so we are to serve people as much as they want as they come through the line.

We didn’t need to buy any milk.  Three jugs were already there plus two schools brought in boxes of extra single serving milk and orange juice to share.  The money I was going to use to purchase milk was spent on Dixie cups for the salads and dish soap for the supply closet. 

May 25 is next HOC meal, try to come and help, you will enjoy it.  Talk to Margaret G about what needs to be done.

 We are also doing an extra meal on Friday the 12th.  Please let Margaret know if you can help.



Dates To Remember!!


May 23: from 6-9pm, College Ave Friends is sponsoring discussion on immigration.  Contact the church for more information.


            Camp Dates

                        June 2-4: Young Adult Camp

                        June 9-11: Little Fry Camp(k-2)

                        June 11-16: Middle/High School                                 Camp(7-12)

                        June 18-22: Elementary Camp(3-6

·        June 25-July 1: Kaleo Academy!  High School students attend with a mentor. Website  Early registration by March 1st.

·        July 12-16, 2017: Friends United Meeting Triennial in Wichita, Kansas:

·        July 26-29, 2017: Our annual Yearly Meeting Sessions will take place in Oskaloosa.  In the early planning stages, we are considering "Thrive" as the 2017 theme.  It would be great to see participation from all of our meetings, leadership, and pastors.  If at all possible, keep these dates open on your calendars and encourage others you associate with to do so.


We will have a potluck meal on May 21 following worship.  Comm B will be in charge.


 Kelsey and Donnie Box are the proud parents of:
Weston Joseph Box born on April 14th at 10:19 PM. He weighed 8 lbs 11 oz and was 20 3/4" long. 

Shower for Kelsey, Donnie and Weston Box will be held on May 21 following the potluck meal. Comm B will be in charge.



        Davenport Friends Church

                “New Beginnings”


Presents…Dedication & Re-Opening Service

      1915 Ridgeview Drive, Davenport, IA

             May 21, 2017 at 11:00 AM.


              Tammy D. Ruffin, Pastor


   Tom Showwalter, Iowa Yearly Meeting

                 General Superintendent


All are welcome to join us for a potluck meal and fellowship after the Sunday morning service.

                   (Meat will be provided)




                    A New Match Gift

                Energize, Equip, Connect:

                  The FUM Campaign

As we move into the last two months of the FUM Campaign, we now have a matching gift opportunity that is a huge boost to our overall effort and a great help toward enabling much needed and much requested ministry in North America.

For each of the next four years, a gift of $50,000 is available to be used for North American ministries-outreach, support of meetings/churches, stewardship education, and leadership development ($200,000 total).  We are now looking for Friends to help to us match this generous pledge.  In even greater news, one family has already committed $50,000 toward the match gift.  We are already one-fourth of the way there.




   A high school graduation party celebrating

                        Olivia Macy

     Will be held Sunday, May 21st 6-9:00pm

                   14789 310th Street

                       Conrad, Iowa

                         (Our Home)


                  Graduation Reception

                        Aden Butler

           Friday May 19, 2017 from 6-8:00pm at the Pine Lake Lodge.

                     Everyone is welcome


             Graduation Reception for Mollee Patten

              On Saturday May 20, 2017 at 6-8:00pm

            At the South Hardin Rec Center in Union

                            All are welcome



      God doesn’t want your best, He wants your all!               




Emma C would like to have us collect diapers and wipes for the Child Abuse Prevention Services Diaper Drive from May 14-6/7.  Men vs Women.  Winner will be announced on June 11 @ church.  Losing group can clean up after the June potluck.


We will have Oscar Mballi speak at our church on Thursday, June 22 at 6:30 pm.  He is the newly hired pastor/church planner for Belize Friends Center.  Liberty USFW will be serving refreshments.  Honey Creek New Providence Friends asked if they could be included.  Oscar would like our questions before he comes.  Please submit those to Ann Nichols by email, phone or in her communication box.


Two sets of footprints: God walked with you.

One set of footprints: God carried you.