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July 2015   Volume 36, No. 7




Welcome to our new Pastor and Family, Matt, Robin, Kellen and Nate Bishop!


          The Bishop family will be moving to Bangor shortly from Fort Dodge.  Matt has been sharing some of the pastoral duties for the last five years in Fort Dodge at the Northfield Church of Christ.  He has also shared in the pastoral duties of the First Baptist Church in Stratford in an interim capacity since February.


            While his Master's degrees in Theology and Divinity were earned from the Liberty Theological Seminary, he has continually been drawn to the Quaker faith and practice because of the exposure he has had through the Honey Creek-New Providence Friends Church.  His wife, Robin, is a member (granddaughter) of the Lawrence and Virginia Tatum clan.  She is an elementary school teacher and will be seeking employment in the area schools. Kellen is eleven years old and Nate is seven years old.  Matt and Robin are very familiar with country life and are looking forward to having an opportunity to raise their sons in that setting.


          Matt will begin filling our pulpit on Sunday, July 5th and we look forward to working, learning, growing and serving our Lord together!



Remember in Prayer      

~Our new pastor & family – Matthew & Robin Bishop, sons Kellen & Nate, who

   will join us soon.

~Our VBS planning staff, Dani & Josie, for our combined VBS with HC-NP Friends

~Iowa Yearly Meeting Sessions, July 29-August 1st. 

~Thomas A Showalter was approved at Spring Body of Representatives as our

   new IAYM General Superintendent.  He will begin his duties January 1, 2016. 

~John & Brenda (Mac & Bernie) McDonald, will be moving to Tama, Iowa to assume  

   the positions of Pastor and co-Directors of Mesquakie Friends Church. Their first

   Worship service will be on Saturday, Aug. 15th @ 5pm at Mesquakie Friends Center.

~Our 3rd Sunday Mission emphasis-the Amari Play Center in Ramallah

~House of Compassion in Marshalltown and all whom they serve

~Our church family as we adjust to changes in our church leadership



BLFC's New Administrative Assistant

            Shirley Davis is our new Administrative Assistant at Bangor Liberty Friends Church.  She will be working part time with our new Pastor, Matt Bishop, and is looking forward to the challenge of adjusting to a new job and a new pastor!  Many of you know Shirley and her husband, Don, parents to Donny Davis, Scott Davis  and Sherry Robison, and grandparents to 5 grandchildren - Nathan, Megan, Katie, Jennifer and Aidan!  We welcome Shirley to our staff & encourage everyone to support her as you have supported Diane Teske.  Good communication will be needed to keep things running smoothly as we all adjust to the changes in personnel.



The Way of Service

          I have learned that the best way to be of service if often very simple – it’s those little, quiet, often unnoticed acts of kindness that I can choose on a daily basis – being supportive of a new endeavor by my spouse, or simply taking the time and energy to listen.  I know that I have a long way to go toward my goal of becoming a more selfless person.  However, I also know that as I have attempted to integrate service into my life, I have felt better about the way I choose to live.  There is an ancient saying, “Giving is its own reward.”  It’s really true.  When you give, you also receive.  In fact, what you receive is directly proportional to what you give.  As you give more freely of yourself in your own unique ways, you will experience more feelings of peace than you ever thought possible.  Everyone wins, especially you.




HOC Meal Report

          On Thursday, June 25th, 11 provided a hearty meal for 80 guests.  The menu was taco burgers, cheese slices, pasta salad, fresh veggies, tortilla chips & salsa, mandarin oranges, pudding, frosted graham crackers, cherry dump cakes, milk, tea & coffee.  Many returned for 2nd helpings. Thanks to: Bob & Veronica, Diane R., Jim & Sharon who provided food or funds; Vi, Chuck & Betty who prepared; Darla, Vi, Joshua (community volunteer) & Margaret who served; Tom, Vi, Darla & Joshua who did the cleanup.  Our next meal will be July 30.  Mark your calendar and plan to join in the fellowship as we serve together.



Background Checks

We are asking everyone who will be working with our children and youth to go thru the process of having a background check done.  If you have not already done so, please contact Chris Evertsen for a form to fill out.  He will then email you a video to watch online at your leisure. 



Thank you!

          Dear Friends, I just wanted to say "thank you" for allowing me to work with you and for you these past 31 years!  I never thought I would be working here that long, but God thought otherwise.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working with several different and talented pastors, and I have learned much from each one.  There have been many good days along the way, and a few sad days too!  But I have seen God's faithfulness through everything.  I treasure the friendships I have made along the way, and am so appreciative of your understanding, love and grace extended to me.  Your faith in me and your wise counsel and support were a continual source of encouragement.  I covet your prayers as I enter a new chapter of serving in the church as a new Ministry & Counsel member.  After all, retirement is not mentioned in God's Word.

          Blessings to you all.  Diane Teske



Everest VBS: Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power

          Come and join BL Friends and Honey Creek-New Providence Friends during the coolest week of the summer!

          Each day, kids will trek through field-tested activity stations with their climbing crews. Every station is designed to reinforce a daily Bible point in a hands-on, interactive way that keeps everyone engaged.

          You don't want to miss the fun during the evenings of July 19th - 24th from 6:15-8:30pm. Kids age 3 through grade 6, invite your friends to the coolest summer adventure in 2015! Children, teens and adults pray about how you can share your God-given gifts to all the children and volunteers during the coolest week of summer. All you need is God's mighty power! Let Dani Juncker , Josie Evertsen or Alicia Daleske know how you would like to help and please sign up so we know what you are interested in. You don't want to miss seeing God's amazing work!


Iowa Yearly Meeting Sessions

July 29th thru August 1st

William Penn University

Listen - Learn - Live

Joshua 1”6-9

Keynote Speakers

Todd Follette & Arlen Daleske


Thursday Highlight

The World Café – a follow up large group session from last year’s event

IAYM Ministries Workshop

   Come hear about Quakerdale, Camp, and our Youth & Young Adult Ministries


Friday Events

Large Group Sessions

   Missions Board Updates

   Christian Education

   Education & Church/Child Safety featuring

   A guest speaker from GuideOne Insurance


*Special Friday Event will be the Recording Service on Friday night at 7 pm when Rick Bachman, Randall Nichols and Robert Talbot will be recorded as Friends Pastors!  The service will be at College Ave. Friends Church.



Missions Packaging Event

12:30 pm Missions Banquet


*Please visit the Yearly Meeting website to see the full schedule.  Also, find the registration form to fill in and print! A PayPal link will also be on the website if you prefer to pay via credit card.


*Registration forms are also available at the church.  Registration deadline is July 17th.




            A hot topic issue in the news today is concerning identity.  When Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner this year, his identity has become blurry.  Some say he was a hero.  Some say he’s lost.  Some say he was born that way.  Some say that God made a mistake when he made him.  God does not make mistakes when he makes us.  He makes us His masterpiece.  Not one other person is like us.  He NEVER makes mistakes. 

          Identity was also the theme this year for camp.  We can’t get caught up in being someone we’re not.  All that really matters is how God sees us.  Once we realize who we are in Christ, we can become confident of our identity.  A lot of times we try to put on this mask of who we think other people want us to be or who we used to be.  The Bible tells us that once we accept Christ, our old lifestyle is gone, and our new identity in Christ is born.

          At camp we had several different speakers, and the one that sticks out in my mind was a guy by the name of “Stutterin’ Jimmy.”  He has MS and stutters when he talks.  He lived a life of trying to “fit in” and became heavily involved in drugs and alcohol.  It wasn’t until he realized what Christ had done for him and loved him even in his “sinfulness” that he was able to realize who he really was in Christ.  His former way of life is gone, and his new life in Christ began when he knew who he was in Christ.  Even though he stutters when he talks, he has no speech difficulties when he sings.  He sings because that’s how he can get his message to others. He did the song, “Amazing Grace” for us and those words spoke to his soul. He lost his way, but Christ found him. He was dead, but Christ made him alive. That is his new identity in Christ.

What is yours? 

          Kris Smitherman, Youth Pastor



Youth Summer Schedule

        Youth will meet on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:00 pm, no meal provided, unless there is something specific listed below.



1 - Fourth of July BBQ at the church 6:00-8:00 pm

8 – Pool Party (details to come)

15 – Perfect Games, Ames (time TBD)

19-23 – VBS

22 - No Youth Class (help with VBS)

24 – VBS Finale Program

29-August 1 – Yearly Meeting in Oskaloosa



1 – Yearly Meeting in Oskaloosa

19 – Back to School BBQ, game night at BLFC, 6:00-8:00 pm



9 – DEEPER Classes start


Questions?  Talk with Kris Smitherman, Youth Pastor.  Text messages are sent out to the youth weekly.



Library Ledge - Retirement

            Retirement will come upon us all, sooner or later.  We have some books in our library that can help with this, no matter your age. Investing Through Your Building Years, Living More With Less, Ten Good Things I Know About Retirement, I Never Found That Rocking Chair, Keep the Fire, Living Longer & Other Sobering Possibilities, A Guide to Caring for & Coping With Aging Parents.  Enjoy!  -Kristy Albright



Bangor USFW

            We will join Donna Williams at her home in Marshalltown on July14 @ 1:30.  The lesson will be provided by Shirley Landt.  Betty Arterburn & Donna will bring refreshments.  We will discuss whether to hold a meeting in August or if July will be the last gathering for the Bangor United Society of Friends Women.  Members will join other USFW groups in September.



Mission Moment

          Our project for July will be to support the Amari Play Center within the Amari Refugee Camp near Jerusalem.  This is the Friends United Meeting Summer Project.  Funds collected will help cover the cost to repair and replacement play center equipment and refurbish the kitchen and bathrooms.  BLFC children will also be donating to this project when they bring their offerings during VBS in July.

          40% of Amari Refugee Camp’s population is under the age of 14. Amari Play Center strives to provide a nearly free preschool education for the community. There is no other safe place to play so the children hope you will help them to enjoy new and rebuilt equipment in the coming year.

* Mission projects this year for the 2015 VBS are the local House of Compassion school supplies and Amari Play Center Playground at the Amari Refugee Camp located on the outskirts of Ramallah in Palestine.

* Two VBS training sessions will be held at BLFC.  The first on Wednesday July 8th at 6:30 pm. and the second one on July 12th following Sunday School.


It’s time to STUFF THE BUS!  The House of Compassion is getting kids ready for school with a backpack of supplies.  We can help by bringing items or financial donations by Sun., Aug., 2. (Make checks to BLFC for HOC School.)  Supplies will be combined with others & placed in backpacks to hand out Aug. 8th & 10th.  If you are available mornings and want to help sort Aug. 3-6 or help at the Give Away, let Margaret know. Some of the most needed items are pocket folders. More than 4000 are needed this year!  This is one of our VBS mission projects so children will also be asked to bring supplies during Mt Everest VBS July 19-24. Our little school bus will be in the entryway awaiting your donations very soon.